Using a Glass Touch

Getting a glass touch up and running is a fairly simple process, but there are a few little snags that many people hit, which are not immediately obvious unless you’ve read the manual (and, really, who reads the manual?). Getting the glass touch actually connected to the butler XT is simple and nearly impossible to mess up. There is a very good manual here which explains all of the layout possibilities and wiring options.

There are three things that seem to catch up users for the first time:

  1. When using the e:bus protocol, there must be an external 24V power supply connected to the butler XT. The power back feature from Traxon fixtures does not provide enough amperage to run the e:bus protocol. You can purchase a power supply along with a serial cable and crossover cable with the butler XT Accessory pack from e:cue.
  2. If you are connected to Traxon fixtures (which have the power back feature) and you’re using the e:bus protocol, you need to flip the small switch on the butler XT that is just behind the DMX RJ-45 ports on the butler XT. This will disable the power back input and use only the 24V power supply attached to the butler. Without setting this the butler XT will go into a power error condition and the e:bus protocol will not work.
  3. Each glass touch has a Unique Identification number (UID) which is similar to a MAC address on a computer. This number allows the server to always know which device it is talking to. The number, however, is not printed on the device, so to add the device you want to go to the device manager and run the “Automatic Setup Wizard” (the top hat with a star icon). This will search through all unassigned devices, and as long as your butler XT is configured properly, it will find and add any attached glass touches. If you try to add the glass touches manually, you will not be able to find their UID and therefore will never be able to add them.

Almost every support call I’ve ever had on a glass touch has been one of those three things.

Now, you may ask, I’ve just added 5 glass touches and added them automatically, but how do I know which one is which? There is a nice, simple solution for this one: If you right click on one of the glass touch units in the device manager and click on “Blink and Beep Continuous!”. This will cause one of the glass touches to (surprise!) blink and beep until you click it again. This way you can trace down which glass touch is in which location and label them (just double click the butler and change the alias name to a useful description).

Once all of you glass touches are connected and assigned, you just need to double click on each one in the device manager, go to the “Stand Alone Mode” or “Online Mode” and click on each button that you want to use and assign it an action.

Bonus Tip! – If you are changing the button assignments for an offline show, but not any of the show programming itself, you can right click on the butler XT and select “Quick Update”. This will update all of the triggering options and e:bus profiles without re-uploading the show. This can save you alot of time waiting for uploads.


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