Mutual Exclude Groups

Mutual exclude groups are a feature that can come in very handy but don’t seem to be a well known feature. A mutual exclude group allows you to create a group of cuelists in which only one of those lists can be active at any given time. This comes in handy in scenarios where you want to have multiple cuelists that control a single zone but don’t want them to run over top of each other.

In order to create a mutual include group just go to the properties dialog for each cuelist that you would like in the group (right click on the cuelist at the bottom of the screen and then click properties). On the bottom right you will see a section called “Group Memberships” with a “Mutual” option. Choose a number and select that same number for all of the cuelists you’d like in the group. When one cuelist in the group is playing and another one from the same group starts, the first cuelist will stop automatically using the release time defined in that list’s properties.

You can have as many mutual exclude groups as you’d like, but please note that one list cannot belong to more than one mutual exclude group. Also, by default the group is 0, which means that is not in any group and will act normally.

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