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As of Programmer version 5.3 you can save FX templates for later use. Unfortunately there isn’t much of a system for managing the FX you’ve saved. After a little digging around I found that it’s a fairly simple task. But first, a word of warning warning: this is not officially supported and takes you to files that you normally wouldn’t access. Also, because its not officially supported, I can’t guarantee that this method will be compatible with future versions. That being said, I have successfully been using this method from version 5.3 through 6.0.

Finding the Folder

Programmer stores FX templates in the windows ProgramData folder. This can have different locations depending on your particular version of windows and its configuration and, by default, is hidden in explorer. Usually it resides in


To gurantee you can get to the correct folder, you can also use windows nomenclature for special folders:


To get to the folder for your templates open explorer and  to go to:

%ProgramData%\ecue\Programmer Vx.x\FxTemplates

Where x.x is your current programmer version (ie 6.0).

FX Folder Structure

As you can see the folder is populated with a mix of sub-folders and (possibly) files bearing “.fxn” extensions. Each FX template is saved to these “fxn” files. The name of the FX displayed in the Programmer FX editor is taken directly from the file name. FX within the sub-folders will be contained in a sub-menu with that folder’s name in the FX editor. You can copy, paste, and rename these folders and files to your heart’s content. Conveniently, the changes will show up immediately the next time you open the FX template menu in the editor.


There is one caveat to keep in mind. You can only go one sub-folder deep in the FxTemplates folder. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is not an officially sanctioned method, and the Programmer was not programmed with people manually messing with these files in mind. I have found that if the file structure is more than one folder deep the Programmer will crash when attempting to display the folder template drop-down menu. 


I find the ability to manage FX in this fashion exceptionally for a couple of different reasons:

  • I sometimes have FX that I only want to use on a short term basis and I can delete them afterward.
  • After programming multiple shows it’s easy to collect dozens of  templates and, without adding them to sub-menus, trying to find a specific FX can become unwieldy.
  • I like to keep a copy of the FX used in my my project archive folder for future reference & backup.
  • Transferring templates from one computer to another.
  • Renaming poorly named templates.
  • I’m sure you can come up with 20 more.


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