butler xt Power Requirements

The butler xt has a variety of options regarding power, but it can be a bit confusing to get set up properly, especially when using it with a glass touch or other e:bus device. There are a few rules to follow that will allow you to easily figure out what your power needs are:

  • If you are using the butler XT with an e:bus device, you must have an external 24V power supply attached.
  • If you are using non-Traxon fixtures you must have a power supply providing 12V-24V.
  • If you are using Traxon fixtures, but you have a DMX booster, DMX splitter, or a any similar device between the butler xt and the first fixture, you must have an external power supply providing 12V-24V.
  • If you are directly connecting Traxon fixtures but no e:bus device, you do not need an external power source. The fixtures will supply an appropriate amount of voltage back.
  • If you are using Traxon fixtures and an e:bus device, you need to disable power input over the DMX line by flipping the switch located behind the RJ-45 DMX connector. Failing to do so will cause a conflict, causing  an e:bus power error and you won’t be able to use any e:bus devices connected to the butler xt.

butler xt power switch location



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