butler XT Dry Contact Triggering

Using triggers from the dry contacts on the butler XT is actually extremely easy although many people are confused (as was I the first time I used it) because the interface isn’t quite clear about how to do it.

I’m going to assume that you have your butler XT added and working properly for this tip.

1) Open the device manager by clicking on the icon.

2) Right click on the butler and select “properties”.

3) Click on the Online Mode or Standalone Mode tab, whichever you are trying to program for.

4) Hover your mouse over the concact that you would like to use and click.

5) A trigger dialog box should appear that with a tab for “On Press” and “On Release”. Choose whichever you are trying to set and then set the action just as you would with any other trigger in programmer.

6) Profit.

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