Butler Connection Issues

The e:cue support staff often receives calls for help from people who can’t get their butler to come online. It is very rare that the butler itself is faulty; generally there is one of a few things configured incorrectly. Here is a series of things to check before calling tech support:

  1. Make sure your computer’s IP address is set in the 192.168.123.x range (where x is greater than 1 as this is the butler’s default setting).
    While you’re at it, check that the subnet mask is
  2. If you have multiple network interfaces, ensure that you are setting the IP addres on the interface that is actually being plugged into the butler’s network.
  3. If you are connecting the butler directly to the computer without a switch, you may require a crossover CAT5 cable as some older models of network card do not auto-detect peer connections.
  4. Make sure that the programmer software is bound to the IP address you are trying to use (go to the “Advanced” tab in “Application Options” and make sure the e:net option is set your IP)
  5. Make sure the CAT5 cable is good
  6. If you’re using a network switch, make sure neither the butler nor computer are plugged into the “uplink” port.
  7. Make sure you are plugging into the e:net port on the butler
  8. To make sure there are no IP address conflicts, do the follwing:
    • Unplug the butler from the network
    • Go to Start/Run and type “cmd” and hit enter
    • In the terminal, type “ping” or whatever the butler’s IP should be
    • If you get a response from something, you have another device on the network trying to use the same IP address as the butler. You must resolve this conflict to connect properly to the butler.
  9. Reset the butler by doing the following:
    • Unplug the butler from power for 10 seconds
    • Re-apply power while keeping the red button on front depressed
    • When “r-e-s” starts to flash, unplug the butler for 10 seconds
    • Plug the butler back in
    • The butler will now be set to IP address

If, after all this, you still can’t connect to the butler then it is time to call tech support

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