e:cue is an industry leading hardware and software lighting control and automation manufacturer. They create systems for all levels of lighting from small resident applications to large casinos with complex lighting effects spread over tens of thousands of square feet.

The system is based on networked DMX (digital multiplex) lighting control, emphasizing advanced triggering capabilities (RS232, UDP, HTTP, dry contact, timed, astronomical clock, MIDI, SMPTE, and more) and multimedia control. Despite the head spinning array of options, the systems can be programmed and packaged into simple interfaces for end clients so that a layman can approach a system for the first time and be able to use it with no instruction.

To program such a system, however, takes a certain amount of knowledge. This website is intended to supplement the official documentation and training materials provided by e:cue with the tips and tricks learned from real world experience with the system. It is run by Ruby Rubenstahl, a former employee of e:cue who is still works actively with e:cue and Traxon Technologies to create the world-class installations that they are known for.

For more information about e:cue, you can go to the official website at http://www.ecue.com

About The Author

My name is Ruby Rubenstahl, and I’m a lighting designer and technician who is also a former employee of Traxon/e:cue. I’m currently a freelance lighting technician and designer for architectural, theatrical, and event lighting. Most of my work at the moment is on projects involving e:cue, but I am also experienced in Strand, ETC, and Hog consoles and have worked in a wide variety of styles and venues around the United States and around the world.

You can visit my website at http://www.ruby-lighting.com and please feel free to email me with questions about e:cue or about lighting in general at ruby@ruby-lighting.com


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